Monday, January 3, 2011

Is that a good idea?

When I knew I was pregnant with twins, I told myself that I will make sure they are their own person. Their names do not rhyme, I rarely if ever, dress them alike, and on their b-days each one gets a cake. I even wished they were born different sexes and in different years! Just like the story below.

I see twins who are sick and tired of being associated with their other half and I don't want that for my twins. I want them to love being twin sisters. To appreciate each other. I did not want them to be smothered by each other.

But now that I think about, how would we do birthday parties if they were born one day apart??  We cant ask people to come back 2 days in a row. What I would have to do is not celebrate on any of those days, but Jan.3! That's not good.

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