Friday, January 28, 2011

No judging allowed!

I hate when parents do that we're "not those parents". I feel like "those type" are the worst at judging. They always have something to say about others raising thier kids. Like our kids are respectful, unlik so and so. Or we would never do that about a certain way to dicipline. Or our kids are very smart because we home school; as if schools would the ones raising the kids.I used to say that I wanted to homeschool, but honestly I ...dont know everything. I teach my kids everyday things they dont learn in school (such as reading and writing in Arabic) and vice versa! Why not have a break for 7 hours?
When I was pregnant with my son, I never said what I am going to do OR not, because I didnt know...I would say I'll see what happens. Am I going to breast feed, not sure, I'll see. Am I going to co-sleep, not sure, I'll see. That way I dont feel like I failed. I know we all Moms want to be perfect but its impossible..who wants to be perfect anyway!
I love to see how other families function, because I learn from that and take pointers. I have also was told from friends that they tried some of my techniques and were happy with the results. These are the type of people I want to surrond myself with.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I hate sickness!

We are nearly done with January and not one of my kids has gotten sick till 2 days ago! My daughter has pink eye! How she got it I am not sure, I am, however, aware it is contagious so it can be from anyone, but now it will be passed on to my other two kids then my husband (please God help me!) then me. I have tried everything to keep them from getting sick. It snuck up on me! This means no going to school and caring for my husband, whose going to act like he's dying. Who will take care of me when it is my turn? NOBODY!
I guess I'm going to start the meds a little early this time.