Monday, April 25, 2011

My Partner

        I don't know what I was doing before you came into my life. How did I get through it? You pay my bills, remind me of my appointments, wake me up in the morning (over and over again). Your there when I'm bored or depressed, you always know the kinds of games that cheer me up. When I lose the remote, you're right there to change the channels without complaining. And when I don't want to deal with my kids, you gladly take over!! I adore how your the last one I see before I sleep and first one I see when I wake up; perfect way to start my day. You are seriously sent from heaven! It does not bother you that I constantly talk to my friends, if anything, it makes you happy. You are truly the best partner a girl can ever have, I love you and good night iPhone! Now if only I can program you to turn off the lights!